The Fierce Grace Incubator

Incubate and create your dream life, business or relationship.

The Fierce Grace Incubator is an 8-month, small-group, online intensive coaching program for people who are incubating creative, business or life dreams and want to learn whole-life integration in the process. Step foot on the path to putting your great work out there, with support and guidance, not only from Kendra’s 20 years of teaching, practice and coaching, but also through receiving love, support and reflection from a devoted group of folks on a similar path. This private, personal group is by application only.

Now accepting applications. Begins May 2023.

The Collective

Embrace & embody the full spectrum of what it means to walk through the world as a woman – in every area of your life.

The Collective is about long-term integration of concepts, experiences, practices, and relationships — through community and coaching. The Collective is a year-long commitment to practice and growth that meets you right where you are and works with you in a moment-to-moment way, as you make the shifts you want to make in any area of your life. It is a global community of women committed to living our lives powerfully, lifting each other up, and supporting every woman to live a wildly flourishing life.

The Collective now also includes Pleasure. Purpose. Power. and Relationship by Design Fundamentals.

Beyond Boundaries

A self-study program, available on-demand.

Mastery over boundaries is the fastest place of transformation for every one of us. Traditional boundary work has been very limited in what it offers, focusing mostly on determining what we don’t want in our lives and learning to say no, when the beauty and power of boundaries extends into realms of unimaginable possibility and creation in our lives. Join me for Beyond Boundaries, a 4-week, online, self-study program, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the beauty and possibility of boundaries.

Return to Source

An in-person retreat for women. June 9-12, 2023

There is within you an eternal Source. That from which you came. That to which you shall return. That which you can tap into in any moment. Wholeness. Infinite Source. You were born of this. You are not separate from this. This connection is your birthright & your deepest responsibility. Return to Source is an in-person retreat for women, dedicated to touching, honoring, and returning to the essential source within you. Join our already well-established community of women in Mt Shasta this June. You won’t regret it.

The No Man Diet

Free Yourself & Create The Relationship of Your Dreams

The No-Man Diet is a 12-week online program that will revolutionize your dating life. You’ll gain emotional freedom, step into committed relationship with yourself, get in right relationship with men & The Masculine, fall (back) in love with yourself and much, much more. This program sells out every year, so if you’re interested in participating for 2023, don’t delay in securing your spot.

Program begins January 2023.

1:1 Coaching

Holistic life mastery and integration.

People who are interested in coaching with me are working at the intersection of purpose, relationship, business and fulfillment. They want to learn how to navigate paradox — freedom and limitation, the spiritual and the mundane, doing and being — with greater ease and deeper integration, to create more fulfilling lives.

I only take on a small amount of 1:1 clients per year, so if you’re interested in direct coaching, please email me at

Open Community Calls

An easy way to experience Kendra’s coaching & teaching — live!

These complimentary calls are open to all — all sexes, genders, and sexual orientations; all people from all walks of life.

These calls are for all kinds of inquires — relational, personal, or purpose, or work-related; inquiries about sex, body image, self-love, personal power, or deepening your connection to the earth; inquiries about practice, spirit, and engaging the world as a whole human being.

There’s no obligation on these calls for you to participate, or even have your camera on. Just show up exactly how you are and bring whatever is present and true for you — all of you is welcome!

Free classes

Available on-demand

Sacred BoundariesCultivating Boundaries to Enhance Love, Connection & Happiness

How To Be Nurtured When You Are The NurturerFrom Exhausted & Overwhelmed to Nourished & Rested

The Relational Reset — Detox Your Dating, Sex & Intimacy Habits

Sweet Darkness & Cultivating Deep Intimacy — Why learning to be alone is so important for cultivating Deep Intimacy

Untame Your Body: Unleash Your Deepest Wisdom — Learn how to develop a real relationship with your body. Includes practices for navigating & feeling ‘challenging’ emotions & feelings.

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