Completion & Creation

A guided two-part class series on completing 2023 and setting your intentions for 2024

Join me for regular 90-min movement-based embodiment classes, and you’ll learn how to find, touch, experience, and express the full spectrum of who you are.

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“Kendra is one of the most powerful coaches & leaders I know. Her impact is magical.”

— Rich Litvin, author of The Prosperous Coach & 4PC Founder

“I am living the life of my dreams thanks to {Kendra}…I am forever indebted.”

—Nicholette Routhier, Artist, Coach & Intuitive

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.”

—George Washington Carver


How To Be Nurtured When You Are The Nurturer

From Exhausted & Overwhelmed to Nourished & Rested

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