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There’s a lot of information and deep practice contained in these resources that could transform your life and relationships. I encourage you to work through them slowly, generously and openly, and to watch what arises in yourself and others in the process.

To begin with, I invite you to choose just one idea or practice to put into action.

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Guided Power Practice Session

an embodied exploration of the ‘Power Of’

This session was originally recorded for the members of Pleasure.Purpose.Power/The Collective.

For this session, you will need:

  • This Spotify playlist (Note: you will need a premium subscription in order to play the songs in order, without ads)
  • A way to play your music through a different device than you are watching this recording from (i.e. if you are watching the recording on your computer, you could play the music on your phone, or through a portable speaker). This will allow you to hear the music and the guided teaching from Kendra on the recording.
  • A practice space you can move in & not be disturbed. Best is a set-up you can sit, lie down & stand/move comfortably. I recommend something like a blanket or sheepskin on a yoga mat on the floor, with additional blankets & pillows for comfort.
  • Something to write on & with (e.g. paper & pen)
  • Clothing that you feel good & comfortable in. Wear fabric that feels good on your skin! Layers are helpful, too.

Want to dive deeper into the cultivation and practice of self trust? 

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