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How To Be Nurtured When You Are The Nurturer

From Exhausted & Overwhelmed to Nourished & Rested

In This Class:

  • Learn how to be nourished when you are the nourisher. 
  • Experience simple & accessible practices of self connection that will nourish you during these times. 
  • Understand the importance of relationships between women and how they truly sustain us through the years.
  • Learn how habitually reaching out for men or your inmate partner for emotional support might be keeping you chronically undernourished — and how to shift this pattern!
  • Get specific tools you can implement in your life right now.
  • Have the tools to know how to connect with yourself in any moment — even when you’re surrounded by people who constantly need things from you
  • Learn how to receive self-nourishment when it seems like you have no space to be alone. 
  • Bust the myths that:
    • connection & nurturing ‘take too much time’
    • there’s ‘no time’ for self-care
    • there’s ‘no one who can, wants to, or is capable of caring for me’
    • I have to do it all
  • Learn how to self-nurture in a way that’s not another thing to do, and how to find nourishment in uncommon places.

The Collective is a global community of women committed to living our lives powerfully, lifting each other up, and supporting every woman in living a wildly flourishing life.

The Collective is far more than a monthly membership (and like no other community of women you have ever experienced!).  The Collective is truly a network, a community, a global web of women devoted to Embodied Wholeness — our individual wholeness, our collective wholeness, and the wholeness of the world. We are committed to weaving the most beautiful world we know is possible, while living as if it is already so. We value the wisdom of the body, the earth, and of interdependence.

Each month we’ll explore and practice within themes ranging from pleasure and power, to radical self-trust, to money and real wealth—all rooted in a deeply embodied perspective.

This is YOUR space to shine!  Your space to take inspired and courageous action, to lean into a vast web of support. A space where you can never be too big, too tender, too messy, or too powerful. This space not only desires, but demands all of you.

Every woman has to be part of something like The Collective … A sacred and safe space for sisterhood, where there is space for all our wildness and all of our wisdom that lies within our bodies. Kendra facilitates magnificently – in her teachings, and also by sharing her life with us — how to navigate all of our currents.”

In The Collective you will...

  • Learn how to shift from competition to collaboration with other women.
  • Receive regular coaching, support & practices tailored to you & your life.
  • Enter into a space to reveal & be witnessed  with deep & non-judgemental listening — as well as to witness other women in their own powerful process.
  • Gain practical tools to apply immediately, that will shift how you experience your life  from that of a burden into a sacred & heartfelt expression.
  • Learn how deeply normal, similar & human all of us women are — across age, race & cultural differences.

In The Collective we  consciously, compassionately, and creatively embrace & embody the full spectrum of what it means to walk through the world as a woman – in every area of your life.

“(The Collective) is a very simple container that has space for everything. The women are AMAZING. It’s A LOT of value for the monetary investment — I got my money’s worth from the first call with Kendra and it has only expanded from there!”

“If you want to feel connection, support, and open hearted, authentic female friendships, AND learn new ways to interact and be in the world, The Collective is the place to find that. Jump in, you’re welcome.”

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