Sweet Darkness & Cultivating Deep Intimacy

In This Class:

  • Why learning to be alone is so important for cultivating Deep Intimacy
  • The difference between ‘being single’ & consciously choosing a No Man Diet
  • The importance of feeling your True Desires
  • How ‘going for your desires’ is often actually a form of avoiding feeling
  • A key practice for magnetizing the kind of love you truly desire
  • How seeking a man & ‘I don’t need a man!’ are actually both forms of avoidance

The No Man Diet: Free Yourself

  • Create the relationship of your dreams
  • Gain emotional freedom
  • Step into a deep and committed relationship with yourself
  • Get in right relationship with men & The Masculine

I have felt, first hand, what has had me (and so many women) settle for scraps in relationships, instead of risking having nothing. Many of us are so terrified of ending up alone, we unconsciously create relationships that are actually deeply unsatisfying.

But settling for crumbs doesn’t keep you fed—it keeps you starving.

We’re at a unique time in history where we need each other less and we can choose each other instead. You can create the relationship of your dreams and experience an emotional freedom and inner liberation you’ve never felt before, and I’m here to show you how.

“Working with Kendra during the No Man Diet helped me reclaim my role as arbiter of my own life, re-establish essential relationships with women in my life, and develop wide-ranging practices to create a life full of beauty and connection.”
—Jenna Moon

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