Last year, I published a blog that I’d written years ago with the premise of ‘hiding nothing’ from you. People loved reading it and have asked me for a follow-up. So here it is, part 2 of When I Hide Nothing From You.

  • I’m still not officially divorced (after 8 years of separation).
  • I like milk chocolate better than dark chocolate.
  • My hair is about 70% grey.  I have very mixed feelings about this.
  • I’m actually really, really, really normal.
  • I’m a total homebody and I’d be happy if I pretty much never had to leave my home.
  • I love online shopping!
  • Even though I make plenty of money and frankly I’ve never been happier, I still sometimes wish Prince Charming would swoop in and take care of me.
  • I secretly throw away my kid’s art and toys when they are sleeping.
  • I used to shoplift (a lot) when I was a teenager and I occasionally have moments when I still see something I want and contemplate walking out of the store with it.
  • I regularly let the dishes go without washing them for days at a time.
  • I often only wash them when we start running out of clean plates.  It’s always the plates….
  • I love being a mom.
  • Sometimes I want to just get in my car and drive away from everything.  Drive and drive and never come back.
  • I often wake up deeply anxious.
  • I have a fear that all my teeth are going to fall out.
  • I pretty much masturbate daily.
  • I sure hope my parents aren’t reading this.
  • I cannot have ice cream in the house without eating ALL of it.
  • I doubt myself almost daily.  Sometimes many times in a day.
  • I long for a home to call my own, with land and trees and chickens and goats.
  • Then I really would never leave my home!
  • My idea of having ‘made it’ is an outdoor shower.
  • I am afraid of dying.
  • I am secretly afraid that I am actually really shallow and boring.
  • One of my deepest fears is that no one wants me around and they are all just putting up with me to be nice.
  • I feel very lost right now.  I am putting one foot in front of the other.  I am trying to find faith.
  • I don’t know if I believe in God.

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