Wisdom resides in every part of your body.

Wisdom resides in every part of your body.

Wisdom resides in every part of your body.

While there is deep wisdom in every part of your body, I have also discovered that specific parts of the body work in certain ways. For instance, I believe we have four distinct brains.

We all know we have a brain in our head – no surprise there! – but there are now many studies confirming that we also have a brain in our heart and what literally functions as a brain in our gut. The 4th brain we have is in our vagina*.

I believe all 4 Brains are deeply important in their own way, and our power comes from recognizing, learning to access, and discovering how & when to utilize each one – as well as developing a relationship between them, so they can actually talk to each other!

(*for male bodies, I believe it is the prostate, but, since I don’t have a male body, I’m going to leave that one alone for now)

The Head Brain:

We all know the value of the brain in our head: It’s smart and has good ideas and helps us sort through enormous amounts of information and focus on what’s important.  Even so, in many ways our head brain still a mystery—as much as we understand through science, there’s still a magical quality in how it does what it does. Culturally, the head brain is considered the only brain, and most of us have been taught to think with only our head brain and to give what it says more weight than any other part of our experience.

The Heart Brain

In the last few decades, more people have come to understand the value of the heart brain.  There is literally a brain-like processing that happens in our heart, and our heart has its own electromagnet frequency that’s 60x greater in amplitude than our brain waves (!!!!).  In some personal growth circles, the importance of the heart brain has even begun to outweigh the importance of the head brain.

The Gut Brain

“Trust your gut”

“I just had a gut feeling”

“I felt it in my gut”

These are things we’ve all heard and probably even said our whole lives. Now there is cutting edge science that proves that we have a brain in our gut. The gut is an area of deep wisdom, and our gut health has a direct impact on whether we are able to receive the important information your gut brain has for you. A healthy metabolism isn’t just about being able to digest your food, it is also your capacity to metabolize, or digest, all that life has to offer you.  As women, in particular, our relationship to our gut (or our belly) is also directly related to being able to access this wisdom. Fall in love with your belly to allow yourself access to the treasure trove of brilliance stored there.

The Vagina Brain

There is also a brain in your vagina. Science may not have proved this yet, but, mark my words, because I will not be surprised when the data comes out in a few years, proving what we already know – which is that connecting with the wisdom of your womb, your cervix and your vagina is one of the most powerful tools you have as a woman.  When you disconnect from your capacity to feel the deepest part(s) of you, you also disconnect from some of the deepest sources of knowledge that reside in your body.

How to Use Them

There’s a simple and easy way to use all of these brains – ask them.  If you ask most people what they think, believe, or know about something, the response they give will come only from their head brain. While the Head Brain is an incredibly valuable tool, whose wisdom should not be discounted, this is problematic because we know 75-80% of communication is nonverbal, which means that we must include more than just the head brain.

So, ask your head, then ask your heart, then ask your gut, then ask your vagina.

And really listen.  The answers may surprise you.

Write down and keep track of what the different parts of your body tell you, without feeling any need to actually do what it says. So often we don’t listen to our bodies because we’re afraid we have to follow through with what it tells us.  But that’s not true. If we detangle those two threads, we can truly start to listen to our own deep wisdom. Once you truly recognize that wisdom resides in every part of your body, you begin to learn how to access that wisdom, and everything in your life becomes easier.

In Fierce Grace, each woman learns how to use her unique body as an oracle to guide her life.  Learn more and apply here. 

*for male bodies, I believe it is the prostate, but, since I don’t have a male body, I’m going to leave that one alone for now

Watch the video below for a more in-depth discussion, as well as specific examples of how I use my ‘brains’ in my life, work & relating!


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