We are born into a realm of living in physical bodies. We are more than our bodies, but we are also our bodies and I believe the body we’re born into is part of the path we’re meant to walk this lifetime. It’s a different experience to walk through this world in a woman’s body than in a man’s body.

The framework of Fierce Grace is my response to the question of what it means to walk through life as a whole and embodied woman. I lived too many years thinking I was the wrong kind of person and the wrong kind of woman, and I see too many women rejecting pieces of themselves, for fear they won’t be accepted.

“I’m too strong”
“I’m too sensitive”
“I laugh too loud”
“I’m too much”
“I’m not enough”

I knew I needed to share the tools, teachings and practices that have allowed me to become the woman I was born to be—to love and be loved fully, to inhabit my body with ease, pleasure, and joy, to fall in love with myself., to create a thriving business, to enjoy life, in all its wild complexity.

This is every woman’s birthright.

Fierce Grace is a space that not only allows for all parts of you but also calls forwards parts that have been disowned for so long, you may not even know they exist within you: the Too Much One, the Delicate One, the Fierce One, the Forgiving One, the One Who Longs, the Lonely One, the Turned On One, the One who is a Hot Mess… It’s about owning and accessing all of yourself, and from that place, offering your fullest gifts to the world.

Fierce Grace is lived through the body. Whatever called you into existence rather than staying in the oneness and nothingness of infinity, called you into embodied existence. You were born you and in your body for a reason, and the world needs nothing less than all of you.

Fierce Grace demands you be your full self. It’s essential for women’s health to practice not only in the depths of our feminine expression but also to truly embody our healthy and sacred masculine expression. It means being able to access and call forward whichever expression is most needed and will serve most deeply at any moment. No human is only Masculine or Feminine, and to pretend that you are meant to be only ‘feminine’ is to deny a wealth of nourishment to your own self, as well as denying the world of your unique gifts.

Fierce Grace creates resilience. This is a challenging and beautiful time to be alive! Last year I lead a Sacred Sovereignty women’s retreat the week after fires ravaged thousands of homes less than 10 miles from my own. I considered canceling the retreat, but the thought that kept arising was:

“This intensity isn’t going to ease up anytime soon. Now, more than ever, we need tools to meet these times; to neither collapse under the weight of it all, nor become hardened by the intensity; we need practices that support us staying both supple and strong; and we need each other, as women.”

Resilience is the capacity to still feel joy and wonder in life, in the midst of chaos and even when life feels overwhelming. Cultivating your resilience is cultivating your capacity to move with fluidity, rather than becoming rigid. Resilience is honoring your soft heart as well as your strong spine. A woman of Fierce Grace is a woman who has the capacity to meet all that life brings her.

Applications are now open for Fierce Grace: A 7-month immersive journey into the art of embodied wholeness for women – only 10 spots available!

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