Return to Source

A Mt. Shasta Retreat for Women
June 14-17, 2024

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There is within you an eternal Source.

That from which you came. That to which you shall return. That which you can tap in to in any moment. Fullness. Wholeness. Infinite Source.

You were born of this. You are not separate from this. This connection is your birthright & your deepest responsibility.

Return to Source is a retreat dedicated to touching, honoring, and returning to the essential source within you.

Return to Source will be guided, held & facilitated by Kendra Cunov: Mother, Teacher, Seeker, Keeper of The Earth Codes, and Founder of Fierce Grace.

You can read more about Kendra & her journey here.

Ten years ago, in the darkness of a sweat lodge (on this very land, at the base of Mt Shasta), I had a vision that I needed to gather women there for connection, rejuvenation & ceremony.

A place where we could drink water from the springs that come straight out of the earth, sleep on the earth & under the stars and the moon, jump into snow-melt rivers & share stories around a fire at night—where we could return to the source of everything, and come away knowing, deep in our bones, that we are not separate and never were.

This land we live on — Earth — is the source of our capacity for existence, as are women’s bodies. The earth shares with us food & water & air & the exact rhythms our bodies need in order to be alive; women’s bodies are the source of human life.

There is a deep and eternal connection between two, and when we re-establish our connection to the codes & rhythms of the earth, and align with them in our own individual way, it makes our lives easier and more fluid. When we truly connect with the Earth, she also provides us with an infinite wellspring of energy to source ourselves from.

Whether you’re a mother, a corporate executive, or a hoop dancer (or all three!!!!) — everything in life becomes easier when we align internally with the codes and rhythms of the cosmos — and this is what we’ll learn over the weekend.

Return to Source will be guided, held & facilitated by Kendra Cunov: Mother, Teacher, Seeker, Keeper of The Earth Codes, and Founder of Fierce Grace.

You can read more about Kendra & her journey here.

What you can expect:

  • To find & follow the natural rhythms of light & dark, hunger & fullness, rest & activity, connection & space
  • An opportunity to participate in Sweat Lodge Ceremony: to re-enter the dark of the womb – into a place that allows you to see beyond what your eyes can see, and learn a different kind of deep, internal knowing
  • Learning the Earth Codes — and how to apply them to your life
  • Finding your inner voice & how to listen to it
  • Space for silence, listening & prayer
  • {Re-}Establishing a deep connection to your own wildness
  • Practices for accessing your connection to the Infinite Source anywhere & anytime

The Land

All land is wise. This land, in particular, has so much to teach us. She is the primary teacher during this retreat. There will be time to get quiet & still, and listen.

The Sweat Lodge

We will be doing a sweat lodge, but whether you choose to physically enter the lodge or not, this will be a transformative experience. There will be ways for every woman to be included in the ceremony & the magic of this powerful ceremony.

(**I have been sitting in Sweat Lodge with Tim Corcoran, who will lead our sweat, for over 10 years. There is no one I trust more to lead this ceremony. I trust him with my children.)

The next retreat is
Friday, June 14 — Monday, June 17, 2024

*Late arrival, early departure by arrangement

“Even if you don’t believe you are a “nature person” this retreat will open your eyes. {Return to Source} is about unwinding enough to remember who you truly are, and that you are connected to so much more than just yourself.  Return to Source is such a perfect description of this retreat. You will engage with what is source to you, without the distractions of your daily life or a rigorous agenda.” —Stephanie Williams

What I enjoyed most about Return to Source was the magical connections that happened between women at mealtime, or on the trail, or at the river. The gradual shifting and settling my body experienced — a sense of coming back to myself and wholeness. Observing the power of women in community.” —SA

Give yourself 3 days in the woods with Kendra and the tribe of women who gather to sing, pray, connect, mourn and celebrate together.” —MG

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What’s included:

  • Lodging is included. We will be sleeping on tended land, in handmade bark teepees. Participants provide their own sleeping pad & bag.
  • All meals are included. Starting with dinner on Friday, through breakfast on Monday.
  • There is no electricity. We will move with the rhythms of night and day, enjoying the opportunity to spend time connected to nature, stars & natural darkness.
  • You will have access to toilets and showers. The toilets are beautiful eco-friendly, composting outhouses. There are private outdoor showers with hot water.
  • Plenty of fresh water. There is plenty of drinking water available — both from a tap or fresh from a mountain spring.
  • Full access to our gorgeous, private retreat space. This is private, tended land, and we will be the only group on the land during Return to Source.
  • Member Site. A virtual hub that holds all your resources and logistics, and any information you may need for our time together.

Join us at Return to Source for only $1,111

Full packing list provided upon registration. Group size limited to maintain intimacy.

*Early registration pricing ended July 17, 2023

Return to Source is an experience that is hard to describe, yet totally worth the choice to jump in. Together we spend lots of time on this sacred land that has so much wisdom to share with us. There is a bunch of time to rest, recharge while being in relationship with the earth, the other that human beings, and a wonderful group of women curated by Kendra. We talk, we laugh, we eat, we listen, we share, we love.” – SW

“Return to Source is a chance to reconnect to yourself, community and nature. Spending time with Kendra Cunov is a gift as she perfectly supports deep self exploration and insight, as well as creating a container for women to connect and celebrate each other. There is magic in stepping out of our day to day lives and letting nature remind ourselves of our wholeness and the beautiful possibilities that exist.” —SA

“Even if the sweat lodge isn’t for you, the experience of being on the land and being guided on interacting with it by Kendra and Tim is life-altering. Upon my return, I feel so deeply grateful for the experience to interact with the beautiful Earth in a new way and have so much more appreciation of her.  I’m noticing more life in all things and breathing deeper. It is a long journey to get there and I had a lot of resistance to going, but thankfully I listened to my heart. Prioritize spending time in nature as if your life depends on it. Because it does.” —LM

The experience of Return to Source is hard to express in words as so much of being there is about feeling. Feeling the earth with your feet, feeling the wind with your body, feeling the trees with your arms, feeling the river cleanse your body… and feeling your heart come alive in a new way. —LM

A note on refunds
Please note that we do not offer refunds for Return to Source. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to let you know what is included, and what you will be learning. We’re committed to delivering a stellar experience.

A note on transfers
Up until 30 days prior to the start of the event, you can make a one-time ticket transfer to Return to Source for the following year OR we will credit your Return to Source ticket purchase (minus administrative fees) towards another program of Kendra’s, to be used within one year.

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