Detox Your Dating, Sex & Intimacy Habits


Looking for a quick fix when it comes to love, dating, sex & relationships ultimately robs us of the richness that is available when we truly take the time to detox.  The No Man Diet is three months long for a reason.  Believe me — it is well-worth it.

In this class you will:

  • Understand the difference between mental understanding and visceral knowing — and why this is essential for navigating dating, sex and relationships.
  • Discover the nuance of what truly nourishes you in relationships.
  • Understand why you are constantly attracting the wrong partner — and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to discern the difference between gourmet intimacy and junk intimacy — and how to walk away from the junk!
  • Discover the power of a relationship palette cleanser in order to create your next relationship from a clean slate.
  • Learn why (your) bad habits aren’t necessarily bad — and how the concept of Right Relationship can create enormous shifts.
  • Understand why an accidental relationship cleanse is different from a purposeful one.
  • Connect with the difference between Willpower & Devotion

The No Man Diet is a guided group coaching program for women, where you choose to set romantic relating, dating & sex aside.

I have felt, first hand, what has had me (and so many women) settle for scraps in relationships.

Many of us are so terrified of ending up alone, we stay in relationships that are actually deeply unsatisfying.

But settling for crumbs doesn’t keep you fed—it keeps you starving.

You can create the partnership & intimacy of your dreams, as well as experience an emotional freedom and inner liberation you’ve never felt before — I can show you how.

“When Kendra says this is a transformative experience; when she says this is a re-set for unraveling how you have been relating and exploring how you want it to be different — she is not kidding. The No Man Diet and the skills I learned in this program caused a profound shift in how I showed up in my relationship, and therefore the relationship itself. It is no exaggeration to say that my relationship, and my life, feel entirely different. I got exactly what I had hoped out of this program! I cannot thank Kendra enough.”

—KK, NMD Participant 2019

Through The No Man Diet, You Will:

  • Gain emotional freedom
  • Step into committed relationship with yourself
  • Get in right relationship with men & The Masculine
  • Fall (back) in love with yourself (REALLY!)
  • Deepen your relationships with other women
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Discover your own Sacred Masculine
  • Express your deep Sacred Feminine
  • Practice boundaries with an open heart
  • Experience a loving & supportive community of women
  • (Re)Discover your radiance!

Most women don’t want to go on a No Man Diet.

The desire to go on one tends to arise from one of two places: Either from the frustration of not having the man or relationship they want, or wanting to prove they don’t need a man at all.

On one side of the spectrum sit the women who really want to be in a relationship—they have a little hamster wheel constantly turning in their minds, wondering when they’re going to meet their man, and how they need to look or act so they can attract him. On the other side are the women who think they don’t need a man at all, that they can do everything on their own.

What I’ve come to see is that these two actually stem from the same place.

The part that believes that being whole and complete unto oneself means not needing anything from anyone, stems from the same place as feeling really needy and wanting a man to fix it.

This is where the idea of Sacred Sovereignty comes in and it’s an idea I’ve been exploring intimately in myself for a while now.

When a woman finds the place where she is whole unto herself, AND that place includes any part of her that is needy, feels broken, or is longing to be deeply met in partnership—this is Sacred Sovereignty.

Sometimes, as women, there’s a place inside us that’s looking for our very existence to be validated by men and by the masculine gaze. It’s heavy stuff, which is what makes the pushing away of men and the masculine by many of us such a natural reaction.

I can make my own money, I can take care of the kids, I can get myself off—these are all true—but what is also true is that I deeply long to be met in an intimate relationship. Most of us are unwilling to feel that longing because it’s too painful or scary.

But when I put myself on a No Man Diet, I created a space for myself to feel that longing, without pushing it away and without acting on it. This is the space I create for the women in my No Man Diet program as well.

True sovereignty is being settled enough in who we are and safe enough in our own skin that we can allow ourselves to feel the parts of us that are needy or longing. It’s when we have enough room inside that we have space for the parts of that are longing to be held, longing to be taken care of, and longing for physical contact.

And, instead of trying to fix the feeling of neediness, emptiness or longing, it’s about creating a structure where all of that can be felt.

This is what the No Man Diet is.

“Kendra’s No Man Diet is powerful, cleansing and healing in countless ways. Her insights, practices, support and suggestions are game changers in the complicated world of relationships and love. For the first time I felt safe, seen, empowered, supported as I dared to untangle the layers of emotions and conditioning connected to intimate relationships that have kept me trapped for so long. Thank you Kendra for creating such a safe container and revealing a pathway to new possibilities!”

—Cindy Thompson

{My relationships with other women}  have deepened in ways that I will never be able to comprehend. This healing of my relationships with women has been the foundation I’ve always needed to be ME, and stay connected to me in (while in) relationship.”


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