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What is being offered in The Collective is not a quick-fix, but an opportunity for integration of concepts, experiences, practices, and relationships over time.

The container is broad, but deep, because it gives us the potential to work with everything. We can’t predict big life experiences, or the support we will want & need between those big life events. One woman might be creating the partnership of her dreams and another might be going through the death of a parent, while many are simply in the midst of daily life that already takes so much from us.

Rather than seeking peak experiences through doing a program, then going back into everyday life, not knowing how to integrate, and often having the work fall to waste, The Collective is about long-term integration — through community as well as coaching — that meets you right where you are and works with you in a moment to moment way, to make the shifts you want to make in your life over time.

This is why I strongly encourage an annual membership commitment. Something magical & tangible happens when we make a commitment—we remove the energy leak of the recurring choice-point. When we commit, we put ourselves in the crucible of the container, and life arises to meet us there.

Seasonal Membership

More Flexibility
  • Minimum 3-month commitment, billed monthly. Cancel anytime after 3 months.

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