A Global Web of Women Devoted to Embodied Wholeness

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I am a woman who used to believe I didn’t belong in groups of women.

I never felt ‘feminine enough.’ But, at the same time, I was scared of being ‘too feminine’ & not being taken seriously. I laughed too loud, I talked too much, I ate all the wrong foods, and putting on lipstick gave me panic attacks!  I lived too many years thinking I was the wrong kind of person and the wrong kind of woman, and I see too many women rejecting pieces of themselves, for fear they won’t be accepted.

I’ve worked with countless women who’ve been held back by some version of these same unconscious beliefs – that only certain parts of you are acceptable in order to fit in.

The Collective is a space that feels absolutely truthful — probably the truest expression of women I’ve ever witnessed.

The Collective isn’t about fitting in.

The Collective is a place where you BELONG.

In The Collective you can never be too big, too tender, too messy, or too powerful.

The Collective is a global community of women committed to living our lives powerfully, lifting each other up, and supporting every woman in living a wildly flourishing life!

The Collective is far more than a monthly membership (and like no other community of women you have ever experienced!).  The Collective is truly a network, a community, a global web of women devoted to Embodied Wholeness — our individual wholeness, our collective wholeness, and the wholeness of the world.

We are committed to weaving the most beautiful world we know is possible, while living as if it is already so. We value the wisdom of the body, the earth, and of interdependence.

Every woman has to be part of something like The Collective … A sacred and safe space for sisterhood, where there is space for all our wildness and all of our wisdom that lies within our bodies. Kendra facilitates magnificently – in her teachings, and also by sharing her life with us — how to navigate all of our currents.”

In The Collective you will:

  • Learn how to shift from competition to collaboration with other women.
  • Receive regular coaching, support & practices tailored to you & your life.
  • Enter into a space to reveal & be witnessed — with deep & non-judgmental listening — as well as to witness other women in their own powerful process.
  • Gain practical tools to apply immediately, that will shift how you experience your life — from that of a burden into a sacred & heart-felt expression.
  • Learn how deeply normal, similar & human all of us women are — across age, race & cultural differences.

You don’t have to do this alone. 

There’s an African Proverb that says, “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together,” and I would add, “if you want to go deep, go together.”

So what do members of The Collective get?

  • Two monthly live coaching calls with Kendra
  • Private access to Kendra’s Library of Teachings, Practices & Resources
  • Hundreds of teachings, practices, tools, and more in the Member Site
  • A private virtual community
  • New & Full Moon group calls
  • Bonus teachings, practices & experiences only available to members of The Collective
  • Regular self-reflection tools for powerful growth
  • Mentorship from long-term students & dedicated practitioners
  • A Collection of Kendra’s Favorite Resources

“The Collective is a non traditional way to learn about yourself. There is a lot of personal exploration, but I’ve found parts of me I didn’t know existed amongst the other women. The calls with Kendra are a breath of fresh air for me.

In The Collective we consciously, compassionately & creatively embrace & embody the full spectrum of what it means to walk through the world as a woman – in every area of your life:

Relationship & Intimacy


Work, Business & Career


Power, Pleasure & Purpose

Feminine Expression & Masculine Structure



Authentic Living

This space not only accepts, but welcomes, invites & celebrates all of you!!

More Benefits Of Joining The Collective

  • Connection with a global community of deep, powerful, devoted (as well as sassy, sexy & playful) women (*ahem* just like YOU)
  • Private classes with guest teachers: Women experts in their field
  • Regular live coaching with Kendra Cunov (founder of The Collective & The Fierce Grace Incubator) at a fraction of the cost
  • New monthly teachings for every aspect of your life: Relationship, Family, Spirituality, Boundaries, Sexaulity, Self-Love…
  • Specific tools for integrating these teachings into your life
  • In the words of one member: “A wise council of women to check in with whenever I need it.”
  • Embodied practices that really work
  • Personal coaching from Kendra within the Community Forum
  • A space that truly welcomes & holds ALL of you (Priceless)
  • More joy, tenderness & down-to-earth sharing than you even knew to want!
  • An added bonus?  When you join you don’t have to wait until the next call to dive in! You get instant access to classes ranging from ‘Get In Right Relationship With Your Money’ to ‘Access The Wisdom of Your Body’ to ‘Create Your (Next) Year From the Ground of Devotion”, as well as replays of sessions taught by world-class guest teachers, and more!

“(The Collective) is a very simple container that has space for everything. The women are AMAZING. It’s A LOT of value for the monetary investment — I got my money’s worth from the first call with Kendra and it has only expanded from there!”

What if I’m ‘not a group person’?

Here’s the thing — I’ve been working with groups for 20 years, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that our deepest transformation occurs in community.  I also know that I could talk ‘til the cows come home about the power of community & it might all still go in one ear & out the other, so here is what the actual members of The Collective had to say:

“I was surprised by how much I love the women who make up The Collective and our community experience on FB!!”

“One of the best parts of The Collective is continually allowing myself to be among the women, not trying to ‘fit in’…”

“The more women have joined, the better it has become. I look forward to the community growing even more!”

“In The Collective I found Sisterhood and support; I have found a place that I feel sharing is safe.”

“It truly feels like we are all together rather than we’re here to learn and or teach.”

How do I know if The Collective is right for me?

  • You ‘hold’ so much for the people in your life, but don’t receive the ‘holding’ you need

  • You are ready to not have to do it all alone

  • You may have felt like you didn’t fit in with other groups of women, but you’re ready to shift that

  • You believe in the power of women, collectively

  • You’re ready to be supported by community and by spirit

  • You believe your body holds wisdom even if you’re not sure how to access it

  • You are ready to shine & offer your gifts with other women — even if/when it feels uncomfortable

  • You have a wild (and possibly ‘unreasonable’) vision for your life and the world, and are ready to be fully supported in that vision

  • You believe in honoring your natural cycles and seasonal rhythms (even if you haven’t always know how to)

  • You value connection with other women, or you want to cultivate deeper connections with women

  • You’re ready & willing to do the work of moving from competition to collaboration

  • You welcome diversity, stand for equality and care about kindness. 

  • You’re ready & willing to let go of being ‘good’ in order to be YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know anything about embodied wholeness?

That’s great! Kendra will offer you everything you need to take these practices on, one step at a time.

Is this only for female-born women?

Absolutely not. The Collective is a space for all womxn-identified humans including transgender.  I acknowledge that working with transgender women is not my area of expertise & I still have a lot of learning to do.  I am committed to that learning & to continuing to make The Collective a safe space for all womxn.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

All calls, practices, and teachings are recorded, and available on the Member Site.

The group calls are a place to receive regular live coaching with Kendra, and there are women in The Collective who get enormous value through the recordings & engaging in the Community Forum.

Is this a group only for young(er) women, old(er) women, mothers, single women, etc...?

The Collective is for all women. All walks of life. 

We have had women in their 20’s & in their 70’s.  Gay, straight & bi women.  Women from all over the USA, as well as women from Europe, South America & Australia.  There are many mothers in The Collective, as well as many single women, and women who have no desire to become mothers.

I already feel overwhelmed. I’m not sure I need another thing ‘to do’...

Then, my love, you definitely need The Collective.

This is a space to hold YOU.

About Kendra

Founder of The Collective: A Global Web of Women Devoted to Embodied Wholeness, Kendra Cunov has been studying, facilitating, and practicing authentic relating, embodiment practices and deep intimacy work for over fifteen years.

Kendra has worked with thousands of men, women and couples in the areas of embodiment, intimacy, communication and full self-expression. She co-founded Authentic World and Fierce Grace, as well as The Embodied Relationship Training Salon (with John Wineland), and pioneered some of the most cutting edge relational work on the planet.

She works with organizations and leaders, as well as men, women and couples, who know that embodied presence, truth, connection and integrity are our truest access points to success – in business and in love.


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