A Global Web of Women Devoted to Embodied Wholeness

Women rise together; we heal the world together. Our culture wants to pit us against each other, but the truth is, the world needs us in collaboration, and we need each other. Every group of women I’ve ever worked with has fallen so deeply in love with each other they never want the group to end. It’s for these reasons (and a few others you’ll learn more about later) I decided to create The Collective.

The Collective is a monthly membership network; a global web of women dedicated to Embodied Wholeness—our wholeness, our collective wholeness, and the wholeness of the world. We are committed to weaving the most beautiful world we know is possible, while living as if it is already so. We value the wisdom of the body, the earth, and of interdependence.

Each month we’ll explore and practice within themes ranging from pleasure and power, to radical self-trust, to money and real wealth—all rooted in a deeply embodied perspective.

Upcoming themes include:

  • Erotic Intelligence & Pleasure
  • Your Inner Compass
  • Sacred Storytelling

This is YOUR space to shine!  Your space to take inspired and courageous action, to lean into a vast web of support. A space where you can never be too big, too tender, too messy, or too powerful. This space not only desires, but demands all of you.

I asked the current members, “What are you getting from being part of The Collective?” Here’s what they said:

  • “I’m getting permission to be where I am. Belonging even when I don’t contribute much or at all. Freedom to come and go as it feels right, not as imposed by deadlines or arbitrary rules.”
  • “The safe feeling of belonging to a community. Being able to ask for support when I need it. So much knowledge.”
  • “Great insights and a deeper understanding of myself.”
  • “An opportunity to connect to myself and be witnessed in that connection”
  • “An additional support structure for the softer side of my work, for daily practice, and for showing up with other women.”
  • “Body practices & self love encouragements”
  • “I am engaging with it in ways that push me out of a comfort zone. I appreciate the affirmation and the reflection. I also appreciate the resources, the practices and the provocative questions. The feedback. I like feeling part of a web of women.”
  • “A reminder of to come back to body practices—even if only in some small way”

Members of The Collective Receive:

  • Monthly themed explorations
  • Unique teachings and practices to integrate these themes into your life in an embodied way
  • Live group coaching with Kendra
  • Access to Kendra’s library of teachings (videos, writing, etc…)
  • Weekly self-reflection practices
  • Guest teachers: Experts in their field
  • Connection with a global community of powerful, devoted women within a private Facebook group
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Direct coaching from Kendra in the Facebook group
  • Mentorship from long-term students and dedicated practitioners
  • A collection of Kendra’s favorite resources
  • Bonus content only available to women in The Collective

Invitations to The Collective are currently closed.

If this calls to your soul, sign up to be the first to know when enrollment re-opens:

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