Would you like to create raving fans so that your business fills by word-of-mouth alone?

Would you like to build a business that will transform your life and those of your clients and customers?

Would you like to create incredible events – from six person masterminds to 200 people intensives?

Then you are in the right place.

You see, building community is an exceptionally powerful way to take your business to the next level because there is nothing more powerful than creating raving fans:

• When you create events that have a massive impact, your participants will never stop talking about you. It’s the platinum standard for building a business: word-of-mouth.

• When you build a community of people who love your work, your content and your vision you’ll discover there’s a way to do marketing that’s so deeply authentic to who you are that you never need to market yourself again.

• When you build a community of true fans they will purchase anything and everything you create. They will fly hundreds of miles to hear you speak. They will read every article you write, or post you put on facebook. They can’t wait till you issue your next work. They are true fans.

• The real power of creating extraordinary events and building an amazing community is that your people will build your business in three ways: (i) they will purchase more per person, (ii) they will come back time and time again, and (iii) they will support you by sharing your body of work with their friends and colleagues. So you will spend less money on marketing and more on creating incredible experiences.

That’s right: you’ll build your business doing what you love!


• You are a coach or a consultant who’s tired of the latest internet marketing fads. They never worked for you anyway, right?

• You are an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to run a healthy business but sometimes you struggle to create clients, make money and work well with others…

• You are creative, inspired and innovative and you thrive on solving problems but how do you let your authentic self shine through in the business world?

• You lead an organization or a department in a corporation and you want to build a stronger, more connected team…

• You’re a leader who wants to tap deeply into your authentic voice to create a powerful vision and inspired followers…


Well, I am the Co-Founder of Authentic World and I have spent the past decade facilitating extraordinary events and building incredible community.

It’s my zone of genius.

I’ve introduced Authentic Relating & Integral Circling to top Thought Leaders and world-class organizations. I’ve facilitated breakout sessions at the Wisdom 2.0 conference, I’ve consulted for billion dollar companies such as Genentech and I have been a key member of Rich Litvin’s Intensive Leadership team for two years.

In fact, I’ve been teaching, facilitating, and (most importantly) practicing authentic relating & building deep community for the last fifteen years.

I never stop learning and I’m a mom to two extraordinary children, who are far & away my greatest and most humbling teachers.

I am quirky and I’m unorthodox. I am more comfortable facilitating a room of 100 people than I am having a 1:1 conversation with someone I don’t know at a social event. I used to struggle enormously with social anxiety. Now I just practice being comfortable with being uncomfortable.


I have a few spots each year for coaching and consulting clients. While the ways that we work together are tailor-made for you, how we work together usually has 6 elements:

1. VISIONING: We begin with you and me spending 90 minutes in conversation (by phone or in person). I’ll draw out from you the kind of life-changing impact you want to create. We’ll create a powerful vision for the future, from a small-group mastermind to a large impact event with hundreds of participants.

2. STRATEGY: I’ll help you create a range of deeply connected experiences. I’ll help you build community, one relationship at a time. I’ll help you create a plan and a strategy so that day by day you know how best to show up to create the life and the business you desire.

3. MINDSET: I’ll help you handle your limiting beliefs. I’ll help you become comfortable in feeling uncomfortable. I’ll help you master your mindset to bring out your authentic power.

4. SKILLSET: I’ll help you build the skills to work with small groups and with large groups. I’ll help you feel comfortable on a stage. I’ll help you express your own authentic genius.

5. ENVIRONMENT: I’ll help you create an environment that supports you or develops your workshop leaders or corporate consultants. I’ll support you in creating exercises and experience to facilitate for maximum impact.

6. COMMUNITY: I’ll help you develop your community – whether that’s within your corporation or it’s the true fans who buy your products and attend your events, again and again and again.

What does this look like?

That depends.

This is YOUR life & YOUR business.

Together we will create a bespoke program just for YOU.



Answer these 5 questions and I’ll be in touch with an article or a book for you, a referral, or if there’s a way I can support you, we’ll schedule a powerful conversation.

There is an important caution

Not every coach or entrepreneur is cut out – or willing – to create an incredible community. Many just want to sell a product or coach a client and they don’t want to deal with a growing community. That’s ok if this is not for you. It takes a deeply authentic person with a desire to play full out to build a business and a community in the way that I teach.

If that’s you – or you’d like it to be – answer the 5 questions above and contact me.


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