The Collective welcomes all woman-identified, female, and femme humans, and we LOVE the diversity of age, location, sexuality, occupation, and lifestyles within the membership!  

However, we also know that The Collective isn’t the right container for all women all the time.  

As much as I want to tell you how amazing The Collective is (which it is), and how incredible the community of women is (which they are), it is equally important to be clear about how to know if it’s not right for you (at least right now).
These are the questions we’ve been getting about The Collective.  If yours isn’t answered, please email us and ask!

Q1. When are the live calls (and how long are the calls)?

A:  Kendra leads at least two 90 min calls each month.*

Because we follow the rhythm of the moon, these calls are held on, or near, each New & Full Moon.  We also vary call time from (PT) morning to (PT) afternoon, in order to serve a truly global community.

The calendar is already scheduled for the next year, and available in the member site, in order to support members planning ahead.

There is no obligation to attend all live calls, and all calls are recorded & added to the member site within 48 business hours.

*Kendra also occasionally adds bonus practice sessions, or brings in guest teachers.

Q2:  What happens on the live calls (and how many women are on each call)?

A:  There are typically 15-25 women on any given call, and every call is unique!

Kendra follows the guidance of the Lunar Cycles and her intuition, as well as feeling what the group is needing, in order to lead practices and offer inquiries to guide each call.  The practice/teaching portion of each call is generally 30 min or less, to allow time for shares, questions, group exploration, and in the moment coaching (for those who want it).

Practices might be embodied movement, meditation, breath-based, or writing prompts on a theme.

We generally explore themes – such as Belonging, Pleasure, Authenticity, Generosity, Boundaries, Sacred Container, etc – over the course of a Lunar Cycle or two.

While these themes guide us, the always-theme is Wholeness, which means that each woman’s experience, or inquiry is always welcome – whether it seems like it ‘fits’ with the theme or not.

“What I love about The Collective is how everyone is held so lovingly in their experience and also in their power. That there is space for showing up however you are and in creating and holding this space, there is increased awareness for everyone who shows up. I love the way all the women respect and honour each other so deeply. I feel fully supported by and in this community. In terms of structure – I LOVE all the calls. The moon phase calls are always exactly right.”

Q3:  What if I can’t make the live sessions?

A:  There is no obligation to attend all live calls, and all calls are recorded & added to the member site within 48 business hours.

Over the course of a year (or more), most members flow through seasons of being very engaged, and times when other parts of her life call for more attention.  The live calls are a great way to stay connected to the community, as well as to deepen in your own personal practice, so we encourage members to add the call dates into their calendars right away!  That said, we have heard over & over that members who watch or listen to the call recordings feel very connected, and get enormous value even when they can’t attend live.  Many members stay engaged in the Community Forum even when they are unable to make calls for a period of time.

Q4:  How many women are in The Collective?

A:  Membership ebbs & flows, and seems to hover around 60 women fairly consistently.

“Every woman has to be part of something like The Collective … A sacred and safe space for sisterhood, where there is space for all our wildness and all of our wisdom that lies within our bodies. Kendra facilitates magnificently – in her teachings, and also by sharing her life with us — how to navigate all of our currents.”

Q5:  This is a lot of money for me.  How do I know if it’s worth it?

A:  We completely honor that every choice about how to invest your money is worth considering consciously, and we want women to make an informed choice.

That said, you won’t know if it’s worth it unless you dive in.

What we do know is that many women have said that they get their money’s worth on every live call.  We also believe that the community itself is priceless.

We feel 100% confident that if you make time to attend the live calls, engage within the community, and/or spend time within the program teachings, as well as The Collective call archives (there are literally hundreds of hours!), you will receive value that far exceeds the ticket price.  We have maintained our 12-month payment plan option in an effort to keep The Collective as accessible as possible.

“Kendra holds a space like no other. There’s no bullshit. There’s no power trip. There’s no one taking up “too much” space. And the teachings are beautiful and subtle and deeply powerful.” – JL

Q6:  Why is there a year-long commitment?  What if I just want to try it out for a month to see if it’s for me?

A:  We did have a monthly ‘membership’ option when we began The Collective.

What we found is that women who ‘dabbled’ did not get what they came for.  The very energy of ‘testing the waters’ actually blocked the very depth, connection, and community they joined wanting to experience.  We even had women who thought they wanted to quit after a month, and stayed engaged because they had made a year-long commitment, who later thanked us for holding to that commitment, because of how profound their experience became once they really dove in!

One of the reasons there is a year-long commitment in The Collective, is because real community takes time.  Real community means being seen & known, and being seen & known takes time.  Real community means showing up for each other — over time.  Real community is knowing each other — over time.  What is available in The Collective is not a ‘monthly membership’; it’s an ongoing — and real — community.

“Everything about how I think about personal growth and practices has shifted and deepened through my participation in The Collective and by spending time with Kendra. Instead of a quick fix of a book or retreat, The Collective provides a space where I’m impeccably held over time with no judgment, which has allowed my learnings to unfold gently with the utmost care and love. The Collective has expanded my world in more ways than I can list, learning that there are infinite ways of responding, living and loving that only become accessible with consistent attention and practice. The web Kendra has nurtured provides a space where all is welcome, and provides endless opportunities to practice, learn, celebrate and grow. For which I am deeply grateful.”

Q7:  So, how do the Pleasure.Purpose.Power and Relationship By Design programs work within The Collective?

A:  Included in The Collective is full access to two of Kendra’s signature programs:  Pleasure.Purpose.Power and Relationship By Design.  

Each of these programs stands alone, with 12 weeks of content & dozens of practices included in each, but are turbo-fueled by the ongoing connection by being part of The Collective.  These programs are currently only available through Collective membership.

When one of these programs is running in The Collective, we organize calls around the rhythm and themes of the program.  Often Kendra adds live practice session calls to offer time & space to integrate embodiment of the teachings and themes, and we orient the live calls & weekly reflections to reflect the themes we are exploring through the program (i.e. the first module in Relationship By Design explores Authenticity).

However, we also honor that not all members of The Collective will choose to engage every program module.  To that end, we are very clear that there is no obligation to participate in the program, the themes are broad enough that anyone can explore them – whether they have engaged the specific teaching modules or not – and all live calls are always open to all Collective members, regardless of specific program participation.

“There are years worth of learning & practice embedded within {Relationship By Design Fundamentals}. The value will go on for a lifetime.”

Q8:  Where is the Community Forum held (and do I have to participate)?

A:  The Collective community forum is a private Facebook group.

We, like many people, have mixed thoughts & feelings about Facebook, and we have yet to find a platform that works as well for our needs, or encourages the level of engagement we have within The Collective community space.

There is no obligation to participate in the community forum!  In fact, I have a video in the member site that speaks directly to engaging in ways that actually nourish and work for each unique woman.  Most members ebb and flow in their participation, and we have had many members who joined The Collective believing they could never experience real connection in a Facebook space, and have been blown away by how deeply connected they have come to be with these women. The Collective community forum is the real deal; a space of humor, depth, vulnerability, celebration, and genuine support.

“The closed Facebook group allows for bumping up against my edges and sharing those parts of myself that I am less comfortable with and most often receiving resonance and always support in those areas.”

Q9:  I’m (older/younger/gay/straight/bi/poly/married/single/a mother/a Christian/atheist/etc…); will I fit in in The Collective?

A:  In The Collective we know that Belonging > Fitting In.

So, will you ‘fit in’?  I don’t know.

Will you Belong? HELL YES!

The Collective is for all women, and includes women from all walks of life. 

We have had women in their 20’s & in their 70’s.  Gay, straight & bi women.  Women from all over the USA, as well as women from Europe, South America & Australia.  There are many mothers in The Collective, as well as many single women, and women who have no desire to become mothers.  There are single women, long-time partnered women, women who are poly, kinky, vanilla, and everything in between.

One of my greatest joys is witnessing the way women in The Collective engage each other around ideas and lifestyle choices on which they differ.  It is becoming increasingly rare to find spaces that are not geared to homogeneity, and we are deeply proud that The Collective is such a space.

 “(Before I joined The Collective) I was scared about whether I fit with a community of women. I was scared that I was too weird and my experiences were too much and that I would be ignored. I worried that I was not advanced enough in my healing/self awareness journey to participate. I worried I would be ‘told’ something I wasn’t willing to hear or take action on. Fuck, it took me more than two years of stalking Kendra’s work and longing to engage more deeply to actually build the courage to dive in.

Then when I got started in the Collective, I wasn’t pushed to show up in any specific way, I watched and waited, feeling all the shit that was coming up and kept being offered the invitation. I watched how the women were all engaging, and I guess it allowed me to trust I was right and that I could participate. I felt the energy and connection of how everyone was showing up and honestly, I fell in love with the women and the group.

Q10:  How much time will I have to commit to being part of The Collective?

A:  There is no set amount of time a member of The Collective must put in, and there is no obligation to participate at any given level.

The truth is, the women in The Collective are up to amazing things, and have full lives

One thing we consistently hear from members is how refreshing it is to still feel connected even when they have times of less participation, and how healing it is to be supported and welcomed (back) without any sense of resentment or lack of belonging for having turned their attention elsewhere for a time.

With that said, it is the rare woman who truly stays connected if she doesn’t make any of the live calls, or participate in the community forum at all.

There are two 90 min calls each month, and it would likely serve to imagine spending an hour in the community each week – especially as a new member – in order to build a foundation of connection.

Q11:  What if I’m not a ‘group person’?

A:  I’m not a group person either 🙂

And, as I said to my son yesterday: Humans are pack animals, and we all need community in some form.  I’ve been working with groups for 20 years, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our deepest transformation occurs in community. 

I have also witnessed, more times than I can count, how wide the wisdom within community like The Collective is; so much more than the sum of its parts.

The healing we can experience when we allow ourselves to be seen (and loved) in the non-judgmental gaze of community is unparalleled.  Whether you join The Collective or not, I do wish for a real and true community for every human.

“{What I love most about The Collective is} The women!!! And the space that’s created for us to be as we are. The words that come to mind is that we get to be real, like REALLY real and I get this sense that whatever I’m experiencing is valid. What I’m experiencing may or may not be validated but I am valid. There is space for me to have and share whatever I am experiencing. And it feels mundanely sacred.”

If now does feel like the right time for you, we are excited to welcome you!

Learn more about The Collective. (Enrollment opens twice a year in the spring and fall.)

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